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Poliform UK

The successful combination of history and design


Location: Londra

Year: 2017

Customer: Poliform

Designer: Poliform

Photo credit: Poliform

Type of intervention: Rifacimento vetrine

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Poliform UK

Seven large windows form the new setting for a prestigious and now perfectly renovated, Victorian building in London’s West End. Situated in one of London’s most creative, elegant areas, the flagship store extends over two floors for a total surface area of 500 sq. m. The building was restored completely, with specific attention to preserving he historic features.
With its numerous angles and recesses, the old structure has made way for a large display area, lit up by seven large front windows looking onto the street, like a stage in synergy with the outside world.

Poliform UK

The windows, conceived by Thema are perfectly integrated into the building, as is the sheet metal facing used as a support for the signs, which are also the work of Thema. The transparencies of the front introduce the world of Poliform clearly, together with the variegated collection in its entirety, which includes kitchens, upholstered furnishings, filing systems, bookcases, beds and wardrobes.
Thema also made the entrance door and relevant shutter with a special type of oxidation: two completely custom-made elements that work to preserve the quality of the historic architectural features.

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